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Monday, 31 December 2012


Happy New Year everyone!!!

Last night, for me, was spent down at Sydney harbour, watching the spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks...

In the meantime, several hours of time had to pass... waiting for the main event to take place... as you need to set up camp pretty early to get a good vantage point...

Thousands of people were setting up little tents and had chairs and eskys full of food and drinks and so forth...

I went for a walk along the esplanade, away from the crowd and where it was a lot quieter and got a great view of the harbour... and some really cool nights pics of boats aglow as they sailed the calm waters, also passing the time...

Then I looked up and saw a once in a life time opportunity... and would have gained an even greater snap if I had thought about it a bit sooner... instead of just admiring... :-)

The yellow moon, framed between the red glow of sails and rope... just touching the one to the right of it...  on its ascent into the starry night... a brief window of time to get this pic before the boat and the moon continued on their separate paths...

I caught one more snap, within seconds of the first, making it apparent that the opportunity was quickly slipping by...

After capturing the image, I realized that the writing on the side of the boat, also aglow in red, reads:


Then I got to thinking... that's a great motto for the coming year! Embrace... the opportunities that come and make the most of those moments... as sometimes they will only come once in a life time, or maybe fleeting... 

Time is a precious gift from God, and no one knows how long we each have... many predicted the end of the world (again) at the end of last year... but here we are... having crossed over again into a New Year... with new opportunities and new horizons to explore...

So, my wish and prayer for you, is that you will go forward with hope and embrace this year and experience the fulness of God's best for you!!

Happy 2013!!

Monday, 24 December 2012

Easy Tirimasu - yummo!

the last thing I decided to make for Christmas lunch, was a Tirimasu :) yum!

I got this idea from a friend, who has a degree in hospitality... and is a fab cook! But this recipe is VERY SIMPLE!


Italian sponge finger biscuits - one large packet
600 mls thickened cream (not light cream - it won't whip)
drinking chocolate powder for sprinkling
teaspoon of vanilla
1 tablespoon of icing sugar or natural sugar replacement
one cup of cold strong black coffee
1/2 cup coffee liquor (I ended up using one that was a vanilla/chocolate cream liquor)

you will need a rectangular dish (I copied my friend and used a 2 litre plastic storage container with a snap lock lid)

1) In a flat dish or container, place the cold coffee & liquor
2) In another bowl, whip the cream, vanilla and icing sugar/sugar replacement until the cream is nice and thick - (but not too long or it will turn into butter!)
3) place biscuits on a tray ready to be dipped into the liquid...
4) get ready a small tea strainer or sieve to dust drinking chocolate powder
5) you are now ready to assemble your dessert!
6) soak each biscuit and roll around for about 5 seconds each in the coffee liquor mix... but not too long or the biscuits with fall apart!
7) place the soaked biscuits in rows until you have formed a layer, along the bottom of the container you are using for the dessert
8) place a layer of the whipped cream over the biscuit layer, then dust with the drinking chocolate powder
9) Continue to layer the biscuits, cream and choc powder until you fill the container... finishing with the dusted choc powder.
10) place in the fridge for 24 hours, and serve! Enjoy :)

Here's mine in the 2 litre container...

and served ready to eat, with some delicious strawberries and blueberries!

I also made this one, using cold drinking chocolate (with no coffee or liquor) and made it is similar fashion to the other one in the recipe above :)

Merry Christmas!! :)

Merry Christmas to all!! :)

Merry Christmas to all!!

It's at this time of year, that many like to have Christmas light displays, with some going all out - taking many months of the year to create something truly spectacular for others to enjoy and share in the Christmas spirit!

This pic is only a SMALL part of an incredible display - one of the best we found - with decorations, lights, nativity settings, raffles, lucky dips, and a donation collection etc - supporting a children's hospital (with their endorsement for her fundraising on their behalf)

It was quite a large property, with decorations and lights covering every part of it! Several people stopped to get out of their cars and walk into the place and check out the decorations, leave donations, buy raffle tickets and take photos...

What a wonderful way to share and care for others at this time of year! No doubt a bit of generosity and love goes a long way towards making the world a better place to live :)

It is easy to give to our loved ones - friends and family - and maybe even extend the Christmas cheer to a co-worker, perhaps even a boss, friendly neighbours etc... but to total strangers? Not a lot go to that extent...

Yet, the greatest love of all can never be surpassed... before we even cared to know of Him...

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him, shall not perish but have eternal life" John 3:16

May you know the greatest love of all this Christmas season!

Blessings xox

almost Christmas :)

hello again!

I've added some finishing touches to my table decorations for Christmas tomorrow... some neat stuff I found at an op-shop... with that old world charm!

The table runner - cost $5 and looks like it was lovingly hand made... the reverse side is a mottled purple design... very cool...

the angel candle holders spell out:    J   O   Y  and candles are a lovely addition to any table fare... especially at Christmas! I've used different coloured candles that match the rest of the decorations, but are also a bit funky rather than all the same colour :)

The other candle holders are solid brass and they were given to me by someone who no longer wanted them!

and the little ornaments with the seed pods with flowers and ribbon I made myself :)

Merry Christmas everyone!! I pray you will know the love of God in greater measure... which is His desire for you!

"Glory to God in the highest, and on earth, peace goodwill toward men!" Luke 2:14

Friday, 21 December 2012

Pavlova :-)

Hello again!

Having family visit for Christmas over the last few days, has had me making some special things for us to enjoy... and some of these you may have seen in my previous posts :)

          - ginger-shortbread - caramel fudge - homemade Christmas cards and decorations - etc...

Now, I'm not a huge fan of tradition... but I do like SOME of the traditional things just the same... but I also enjoy doing something different and NEW and FRESH... and creatively bringing old and new together!

Instead of Christmas cake, I've decided to have pavlova... always a favorite hit!! I made this one myself... that way I avoid the artificial ingredients I don't want in my food and I actually used a natural sugar replacement for this so it was much healthier!

[It's amazing when you watch scientific documentaries on the way refined sugars (and especially high fructose corn syrup) are dealt with by our digestive system... and since sugar is one of the main ingredients in this dessert... I had to use a natural sugar replacement that would mimic caster sugar... now I wasn't hugely happy with the overall result... but it looks pretty impressive and was palatable enough just the same! But a bit more experimentation before I post a recipe I'm happy with...]

And I've taken a close up of one of my little table decorations I made the other day....

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Time for a Rhyme... :-)

Well, I've been playing a game on google+ with some other song writers... a rhyming game... which someone started with a suggested topic, then a short poem... then leaves a topic for the next to follow with a poem and so on... so here's my little poem, to the topic of: good vs evil...

One has peace, love, joy and hope believing for a better day
Yet one is so sad filled with anger, hatred, rage, and malice
They grew up side by side and yet, worlds apart in heart

One gentle, kind, forgiving and understanding
Yet one is so mean, unbending, unyielding
The same blood pulses through their veins - yet relationship is strained

One was cherished, wanted and adored
Yet one was rejected, forsaken, forlorn
Character molded in formative years, eternity of hope or drowned in fears

As trauma leaves its indelible mark
Twists in time and turns in fate
Hearts are broken and choices to make

Forgiveness and love or bitter and hate
Whilst breath fills your being it isn't too late
Settle the struggle once and for all and be at peace in your soul

Monday, 17 December 2012


Well, at previous Christmas times... I've tried making a decorated fruit cake or a gingerbread house..
but this year I've decided to make some ginger- shortbread!

So, I've come up with this recipe:

250 grams butter
1/3 cup honey
1/3 cup brown sugar (was going to try all honey, but had some brown sugar to use up... I think golden syrup or treacle would be nice as an alternative also...)
1 tablespoon ginger powder
1/3 cup chopped crystallized ginger pieces
2 cups self raising gluten free flour
1 cup plain organic wholemeal spelt flour

1) Melt butter, honey, sugar and add ginger in a saucepan over low heat
2) Remove from heat and place to the side
3) place wholemeal and gluten free flours into a bowl and mix dry ingredients together until blended.
4) Pour over the butter mixture and mix together with a wooden spoon.
5) Roll small balls of mixture (gently) and place onto baking trays - spacing a little apart, and flatten gently with a fork to create a pattern on top. Cook in 170 degrees Celsius oven for about 12 minutes.
6) Drizzle with white chocolate if you wish... my food critique who tasted the shortbread ate my white chocolate before it got to the biscuits unfortunately! Hmm... another thing to remember when I go shopping later! LOL

here's the finished product of my ginger-shortbread biscuits... (minus the chocolate...) The biscuits are very "short" and the ginger pieces add a nice bit of extra "kick" to them!

I purchased this cute little ceramic gingerbread house (filled with gingerbread stars) a few days ago, for just $10 and the Christmas card in this picture is one that I made myself.

Stuffed Pumpkin!

While I'm on a creative roll in the kitchen... I decided to try making a stuffed pumpkin for dinner...

1 small Jap pumpkin - (big enough to feed 4-6 adults all up)
1/2 cup uncooked quinoa
200 grams free range bacon
200 grams free range chicken breast
1 shallot
3 cloves garlic
2 small tomatoes
1 small eggplant
4 stalks of celery - diced into small pieces
2 teaspoons of powdered chicken stock
1 tablespoon butter to cook the meat and veges in
200 grams cheese
chives, freshly ground black pepper and garam marsala  for sprinkling over cheese

2 round casserole dishes to cook it in

1) Boil 1/2 cup of quinoa in twice as much water, for 12 minutes or until soft... then drain and put aside
2) Wash and cut in half a small Kent or Jap pumpkin and scoop out all of the seeds and pulp.
2) Microwave it in a casserole dish for 8 minutes with both halves facing each other to retain moisture.
3) Whilst the pumpkin is cooking, place the butter, diced chicken, bacon and veges into a frying pan along with stock powder and cook until chicken is done. Stir in the quinoa.
4) Remove pumpkin from microwave and place each half in a casserole dish.
5) Fill with the meat and vege mix, and sprinkle with cheese, and herbs & pepper
6) Cook in a moderate oven (180 degrees Celsius) for about half an hour or until cheese is brown and pumpkin is soft but not mushy. (I actually used the grill in the top of my oven to brown the cheese).
7) enjoy! This should be enough for a few meals or perhaps serve with a roast etc... if you have guests over...

The next day I reheated the leftovers - topped with a new addition of inspiration that came - of several thin slices of  rosemary and garlic salami, then topped it off with sour cream and fresh mint leaves... also very yummy!

Getting into Gear!

So, it's time to get into gear for Christmas... with family on their way tomorrow!!

I have already had the tree up for a couple of weeks, and a nativity set... just haven't been too motivated beyond that yet!

Now, we' won't get to be together for Christmas, but we will have some time before and after... which I'm looking forward to :)

It's also my mum's birthday on Christmas day!! So, I try to make the day extra special for her... since she's often had others forget about her on her special day :(

Anyhow, I've been back in the kitchen and made some caramel fudge...

I've put it in this cute little Christmas tree container, that I picked up from an op-shop for less than $1!!

The fudge was a bit of an experiment... as I'm trying to cut out refined sugar and replace with honey...

This recipe - I think I'll try tweaking it a little on my next try... but it's still quite yummy!

1) I used about 200 grams each of honey and butter, and placed them in a saucepan over low heat.
2) Let the honey and butter simmer for about 10 minutes on low heat... you will need to watch it doesn't boil over, I stirred it occasionally.
3) After the mixture has been boiling for about 5 minutes, I gradually stirred in about 4 tablespoons of gluten free flour and mixed well after each addition (tapping it through a small sieve on the side of the pot, as I mixed with the other hand... now there's probably a better way of doing this.... but this is how I made this lot!)
4) Mix in a teaspoon of organic vanilla extract
5) When the mixture started to become like a thick sauce and leave sides of pan, I poured it into a non stick loaf pan... (line with tin foil first will help you get it out later)

6) Sprinkle with cashews or nuts of your choice or not...!
7) Refrigerate and allow to cool... about an hour or two.
8) Remove from tin and slice up!

It actually made about twice as much as what you see in this pic... I had a willing accomplice in sampling for quality control :)

The little decoration is made from seed pods and flowers that have fallen from a tree in a park across the road... and tied with silver gift ribbon... I made one of these for each place setting on the table.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

The Good Old Days....?

It's funny, if you've ever spent time around grandparents, and even parents, there comes a time when soon enough they would say something like this:

"Well, back in my day...." or

"I remember the good old days, when...." or

"Things just aren't the same as they used to be...." and

"You young people are spoiled these days, we never had anything like..."

Kids laugh it off and think in all seriousness "wow, you must have been around when the dinosaurs lived!"... 

Friday, 30 November 2012


Life can hit pretty hard sometimes... and often when you least expect it...

I have admired the courage of people I know, who recently suffered terrible angst...

One family had their young teenage son die through an unexpected tragedy...
The other family had their son go missing for four days... with the weather hitting all time lows and the highest recorded temperatures for this month EVER!

Yet, both had an amazing strength and resolve to trust God regardless...

Fortunately for one family, their son who went missing was found and is now in hospital recovering from sunburn...

I have had my own share of extreme trials, and I am reminded that these times can shake us to the core... yet, I have found that my hope & faith in God has given me the strength to face these times and know that ultimately He will work things out for my good... according to His promise in Romans 8:28

Monday, 26 November 2012

2nd chance...

I was thinking this morning about all the cool stuff my family have made with recycled timber... and it was in hot demand by specialty furniture shops in their locality... and you can see some of it in my previous posts...

Then, I thought that I'd like to share another cool thing my dad made...

This recycled timber coffee table was made from old verandah posts and an old road sign... that seemingly had no further value in the eyes of the owner.... the house was condemned to be demolished and the road sign made redundant - to be replaced by a new aluminum sign...

It reminds me, that sometimes in life, we can feel that we have messed up things up so big - that there seems no further value in what we do or who we are, or maybe even feel that our "best before date" has expired (lol)...

But nothing could be further from the truth!! In the eyes of the Creator you always have value, and He can take the broken pieces of our lives and remake us into something new... and can help us leave a legacy that will live on to inspire others...

A new creation, with new value, new hope, new purpose... that which seemed destined to destruction, now destined to be cherished once again!

I guess that's why I like recycling things, and this old sign really does have "dry weather only" now... :)

May you discover new purpose and hope today, and a fresh vision of your destiny according to His plan & purpose!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Frugalness and other stuff....

Being an indie musician... I don't have corporate dollars backing what I do... so being frugal has become a necessity, to enable me to pursue doing what I love most! Thus, I have become a bargain hunter! In all reality, I really don't like shopping very much... but when I do, I love checking out the op-shops, garage sales and markets or savvy boutiques that sell that "something different"... I love things that have a story behind it, maybe even a bit quirky, antique or even just uniquely creative...

Here's a groovy little cupboard I picked up recently, something small to make my very bland hall look a little more interesting....

I can appreciate the creativity in others, and admire their handiwork, craftsmanship, planning, creative genius or maybe even the ruggedness of shear improvisation when materials have been in short supply...the simpleness of "necessity is the mother of invention!"

The next challenge is making it work practically with where I have intended for it to go (having already mulled this over before I purchase it... but not always :)!)... Not only do I like being creative... I also like being practical! (Which is probably a rare trait in creative people! Haha...) I like to blend that "unique find" with something modern... hopefully creating a harmonious mix of that reminiscent of a bygone day with a more contemporary setting...

Having just moved recently, it was time to downsize and re-organize! But also an opportunity to find something "new" that would be more space efficient... since cupboard space is sadly lacking in my town house... I've come up with some cool retro ideas for storage...

This pic displays lots of my interesting finds... an old sea chest... now filled with memorabilia and stored in  my retro cane bookshelves, with photo albums and vintage leather suitcases... all these items (except the photo albums) came from scouting around recycle shops etc... (as opposed to boring plastic tubs etc.)... and it didn't cost me anymore than what plastic storage tubs or a cupboard would have!! Bonus!!

The previous owner tells me that the metal trunk came on journey with his grandmother from Tunisia... and had been tucked away ever since in a lovely old home in the outer suburbs of Sydney... but now, was sadly being parted with as the "Victorian" era home was being made ready for new tenants, and all its former goods and chattels were being sold off...

The old suitcases each have their own story... the top one was given to me by a friend for baby sitting her doggies... it had belonged to her father who was a missionary... the other two leather suitcases came from a Op-Shop in a small country town, and the little blue case came from a garage sale and was once a school bag...

The last "find" I would like to show you this charming old clock. It came from an Op-Shop also...
Unfortunately it doesn't work anymore and I did consider taking it to a clock doc to get fixed... but then the reality is that it would cost me a small fortune to have it restored... so I decided to appreciate its aesthetic beauty... with the clock having its hands poised - capturing a moment in time that could have long been forgotten... save for the relic of its stalwart build that has enabled it to stand. It was made by Gilbert Clock Makers in the USA, in 1911.

Back in the Kitchen...

Feeling frustrated with all the "junk" that is in the food in the supermarket these days... I decided it was time to try some baking again... Sigh... seems that anything "yummy" is loaded with fat, sugar and salt... and a host of artificial additives, colours and preservatives...

I remember listening to a radio show once... and the announcer was interviewing someone who had been employed by a major food company... and was literally paid tens of thousands to come up with recipes that would be addictive!!! He openly admitted that all those recipes typically have as their core ingredients: FAT, SUGAR and SALT!!!

Hmmm... well it's interesting... since people used to eat this stuff all the time and would be healthy and not fat... so why has it changed?? Well, food ain't what it used to be! Wheat has been so genetically altered it's not funny! Modern wheat & oils actually make you hungry because the body can't process the modified nutrients and it does not realise when it has had enough... Sugar & salt have become modern man's poison.... but it seems that that's only the "icing on the cake"...

Being an asthma and allergy suffer all of my life -  I've always tried to be careful with what I eat... It seems lately though, that no matter what I do, my allergies have gotten worse... so I decided it was time to change tactics!!

After much research... I've decided to go relatively grain and diary free... and so far it seems to be paying off... I'm about two weeks into my new way of eating and I've lost weight and starting to feel healthier...YAY!!! I do love diary though, so occasionally I tend to have some cheese and yoghurt, and have cut out milk in my coffee etc... but I'm going to see if it makes much difference if it is cooked. 

Pretty much, I am trying to eat food in more of its natural state...the way God intended it to be eaten... and not according to all our modern concoctions of it! So that gets rid of a LOT of foods commercially available...

But wait... what am I eating?? Cut out wheat and processed sugar and there's not much to choose from!! Basically, that leaves anything that is meat, fish, vegetable or fruit, natural sugar like honey, maple syrup etc and some diary and FAT!!! Yep... butter, beef dripping, organic coconut oil... for cooking.. since they are more stable and have higher cooking temperatures, and olive oil for salad dressing and cold foods etc... so probably pretty much like the Atkin's or Paleo diet... with maybe a few slight variations...

I've cut out all processed foods, and I'm trying some different things like: Quinoa, Almond Meal, Besan Flour (made with chick peas), arrowroot powder (tapioca starch) - to replace flour. But I've also given Spelt flour a go for the first time today... it is an "Ancient" grain... more like the original wheat that ancient people ate... not the modern flour of our day that has been genetically modified, cross bred and so on, to become a culinary and gastronomic disaster... being a catalyst to the increase of allergies, Celiac's disease and so on...

So, how do I eat this stuff??? Haha! that's the fun part... trying to find alternatives and how to prepare them properly...

Well, I've been very busy today and invented a spelt and besan flour chocolate cake... and much to my delight it was a winner the first time round! I also made my own homemade chocolate...although my second attempt was much better than my first... it needs a little more tweaking - but it's still quite palatable :)

Spelt & Besan Chocolate Cake:   (makes two loaf pan sized cakes)

2 cups wholemeal spelt flour
1 cup besan flour
1 tablespoon arrowroot powder (tapioca starch)
6 teaspoons gluten free baking powder
4 free range organic eggs
1 1/2 cups full cream milk
1/2 cup cocoa powder
1 cup honey
100 grams butter
teaspoon organic vanilla essence

 Here's my cakes...

1) preheat oven to 170 degrees Celsius and grease two loaf pans with coconut oil
2) Melt butter and honey over low heat. Remove from heat and mix in sifted cocoa powder until all lumps are gone.
3) In another bowl, sift flours and baking powder & mix together until evenly folded in.
4) Gradually mix in eggs and milk, followed by the butter, cocoa and honey mixture. Mix until all ingredients are blended well.
5) Grease two loaf tins with coconut oil. Pour cake mixture into tins.
6) place into the oven and cook for about 40 minutes.
7) Allow to cool for about 5 minutes then turn out onto wire rack to cool - I covered mine with a cotton tea towel to help keep moist whilst cooling down
8) Enjoy with some Greek yoghurt and strawberries :)

And here it is served with a dollop of Greek yoghurt & strawberries... It isn't as sweet as store bought cakes, but it is quite nice once you get used to the slightly different taste... it was also quite filling and this small slice was pleasantly satisfying.The reason it is so filling is because spelt and besan flour are very high in protein (as well as the eggs)... and are much lower in carbs... so you feel full quicker and eat less!

Homemade Chocolate:

150-200 grams coconut oil
2 - 3 tablespoons cocoa powder... depends on how strong you like it!
1/2 cup honey

Now it seems a bit tricky getting the honey and cocoa to blend evenly with the coconut oil... but after a couple of tries... I found that instead of having the oil too liquid from being melted, that the other ingredients blended better when the coconut oil was not far from room temperature... it it was too much hotter then it just remained  impossible to blend them together!

1) So, make sure the coconut oil is soft almost melted.
2) Mix honey and cocoa together until all cocoa lumps are gone.
3) Now mix coconut oil in to the cocoa and honey.
4) Place the chocolate mixture into an aluminum lined tin, silicon muffin tray or chocolate molds. Decorate with cashews, dried fruit etc.
5) Allow it time in the fridge to set (at least 20 minutes or so... depending upon how thick it is)...enjoy!

You need to store in the fridge as it has a low melting point.

here's my chocolate slab... with cashews :) - this is very filling also, because of the coconut oil... although it is a saturated fat - it is healthy for you and filling - so you don't need to eat much at all to be satisfied.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Random thought for today -

Remember the seaside photos I posted the other day? Well here's one the creative ideas I had of using one of those images + another pic taken that same day... I've then added some effects and topped it off with my random thought for today... I hope it inspires you!
I'm still working out how to do this properly... it's been a while since I've done any creative stuff on the computer using photos etc... any useful tips? Please do share! :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Flowers and other Creative Stuff!!!

When I'm not making music... I tend to get creative in other ways... maybe trying my hand at baking... arranging flowers, doing flower arrangements for weddings of friends and family, creative photography, internal decorating, making or remaking clothes, drawing and painting, improvising and recycling things in a practical way, card, jewellery & gift making...and I've even recovered a couple of lounges and bar stools!! I can add making doggy jackets to that list too :) Here's some of my flower arrangements... I can't show you a pic of the lounges though... I have replaced them now with leather lounges... as they are better health wise...(not harbouring dreaded dust mites!!! Which I am allergic too...)
Unfortunately I haven't got pictures of most of the stuff I've made and I've since given it away! But here are two pics I would like to share with you... displaying some of my smaller flower arrangements and decorating... creating that "country cottage" feel... but also because these pictures display the creativity and talent of other members of my family! My brother made the large kitchen dresser (oops! forgot to move the shoe before I took this pic...LOL)... and my dad made the table and chairs... it was Christmas time 2011 when these photos were taken... so prezzies and decorations were on the table - waiting for guests to arrive! And now Christmas 2012 is almost this year has flown by - so it seems! Most of the people in my family are cleverly creative... must run in the genes! :)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Introducing my awesome artwork designer

here I would like you to meet Kaitlyn - the very talented artist who designed  all the artwork for my first album 

Random pics - concepts for layers for new album art

 Here are some pics I took that I thought may be good for layering into my new album artwork....

 Although, I most likely won't use them for the album layers now... but i have some new ideas brewing!!

 The sea side and bushland have always fascinated me... probably thanks to my childhood when I spent countless hours wandering off exploring the bush! (Much to my parent's dismay!)

 I find that there is always such a tranquility in locating a secluded place to pass some time in reflection and inhale the aromas of the salt water, a running stream nearby or the native flora

introducing you to some of the awesome people who have been helping me with my new album due out soon!!

This is Bec... Bec kindly did backing vocals for my new album and is an awesomely talented singer and musician in her own right!
Tony - professional flute player & backing vocals & Heejin - Keyboard and synth - taken during a recording session at Trusound Music Studios for my new album

Introducing professional guitarist,music teacher, sound engineer and studio manager at Trusound Music Studios - Dene Burton - busy at the desk during a recording session of my new album

Photo 3: Des - professional guitar & bass player/teacher - recording session for my album - taken at Trusound Music Studios

Photo 4: Andrew "Mitch" - professional drummer - recording drums & percussion for my album - taken at Trusound Music Studios