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Sunday, 25 August 2013

mum's the word!

Hello family, friends and fans :)

So, what's happening lately?

Life can get so busy and before you know it the days, weeks and months have snowballed... and it's almost the end of August already!!

These last few months have been rather busy... I have some exciting music offers in the pipeline... and new album "Redemption" almost complete... just got to get the artwork sorted after photo session snaps were all lost! :(

Sigh.... Oh well... back to the drawing board... and some new ideas for an album cover anyhow... :) got to keep pressing forward!!

You may have seen on my website and twitter that I have been fundraising for my mum's operation... well she is booked into have surgery first week of October... and we have almost raised enough for the first operation now... and a big thanks to those who have supported this through purchasing my music :) <3 <3

Other family members have been working very hard to help raise the money also...

If you would like to help, please visit - all purchases going towards mum's operation...
to help save her eyesight!

You can purchase just one song for .99cents or an album download for $9.99... or choose your own price on several of my most popular songs as a donation...

Mum's the word!! :)

keep well and many blessings!
Raylene <3

Saturday, 16 March 2013

FREE album mp3 download - limited time!

Hi friends!

Well, I'm back from a break from blogging... with a fantastic offer for you!

For a LIMITED time...

you can download my entire first album "Mystery" for FREE!

Just head over to my website: where you can take advantage of this limited offer!

I have a new album coming soon... but to whet your appetite... I am offering my first album as a FREE mp3 download for the first 100 takers!

While you're visiting, you may also like to head over to my facebook page and "LIKE" :)

You can also find me on Reverbnation... where you can sign up to my fanreach to get the latest news...

Both links are on my website also!


Stay awesome!


Friday, 25 January 2013

Back into the swing...


I hope the New Year is off to a flying start for you all!

Just returned from visiting family and friends interstate... it's time for me to get out of holiday mode and concentrate on finishing my upcoming album "Redemption"... with 12 great new songs!

Well, I've already given you some sneak peaks at what's coming... "Hope", "No One is Beyond", "Prevail" and you can listen from my music player to the right of my page... or at or

Here's one more preview for you... I've just uploaded "Arms of Love"...

Feel free to leave some feedback... this song is in preliminary mix at present... I hope you enjoy!!

cheers :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Live Radio Interview - Louisville Kentucky USA

  • Live Radio Interview & Feature
  • 7:15 pm
  • Louisville Kentucky USA, USA
  • Live Radio interview and feature - "The Wheat Report" - with Mz Audra Wheat - featuring Raylene

    Thursday January 17th 7pm-8pm EST (USA) = 11:15am Friday 18th January AEST (daylight saving time - AUSTRALIA)

    Call in 646.929.1566 questions, comments, or listen LIVE from your phone or log in to

    listen in or participate in the chat room


this interview has been rescheduled for Feb 4th at 6pm EST... cheers!