Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Flowers and other Creative Stuff!!!

When I'm not making music... I tend to get creative in other ways... maybe trying my hand at baking... arranging flowers, doing flower arrangements for weddings of friends and family, creative photography, internal decorating, making or remaking clothes, drawing and painting, improvising and recycling things in a practical way, card, jewellery & gift making...and I've even recovered a couple of lounges and bar stools!! I can add making doggy jackets to that list too :) Here's some of my flower arrangements... I can't show you a pic of the lounges though... I have replaced them now with leather lounges... as they are better health wise...(not harbouring dreaded dust mites!!! Which I am allergic too...)
Unfortunately I haven't got pictures of most of the stuff I've made and I've since given it away! But here are two pics I would like to share with you... displaying some of my smaller flower arrangements and decorating... creating that "country cottage" feel... but also because these pictures display the creativity and talent of other members of my family! My brother made the large kitchen dresser (oops! forgot to move the shoe before I took this pic...LOL)... and my dad made the table and chairs... it was Christmas time 2011 when these photos were taken... so prezzies and decorations were on the table - waiting for guests to arrive! And now Christmas 2012 is almost this year has flown by - so it seems! Most of the people in my family are cleverly creative... must run in the genes! :)


  1. Cool country looks.Perhaps you could feature some other crafts you have done on here too?

    1. thanks Laura Lee :) stay tuned... I'm trying some healthy cooking creations at the moment... (when they turn out well... haha.. I will post them...takes some experimenting when you're making new stuff sometimes!) I have come up with a nice gluten free Date, Ginger, Orange & Chia Seed Loaf recipe I made that I will post next time I make it again... probably tomorrow!!