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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Random thought for today -

Remember the seaside photos I posted the other day? Well here's one the creative ideas I had of using one of those images + another pic taken that same day... I've then added some effects and topped it off with my random thought for today... I hope it inspires you!
I'm still working out how to do this properly... it's been a while since I've done any creative stuff on the computer using photos etc... any useful tips? Please do share! :)

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Flowers and other Creative Stuff!!!

When I'm not making music... I tend to get creative in other ways... maybe trying my hand at baking... arranging flowers, doing flower arrangements for weddings of friends and family, creative photography, internal decorating, making or remaking clothes, drawing and painting, improvising and recycling things in a practical way, card, jewellery & gift making...and I've even recovered a couple of lounges and bar stools!! I can add making doggy jackets to that list too :) Here's some of my flower arrangements... I can't show you a pic of the lounges though... I have replaced them now with leather lounges... as they are better health wise...(not harbouring dreaded dust mites!!! Which I am allergic too...)
Unfortunately I haven't got pictures of most of the stuff I've made and I've since given it away! But here are two pics I would like to share with you... displaying some of my smaller flower arrangements and decorating... creating that "country cottage" feel... but also because these pictures display the creativity and talent of other members of my family! My brother made the large kitchen dresser (oops! forgot to move the shoe before I took this pic...LOL)... and my dad made the table and chairs... it was Christmas time 2011 when these photos were taken... so prezzies and decorations were on the table - waiting for guests to arrive! And now Christmas 2012 is almost this year has flown by - so it seems! Most of the people in my family are cleverly creative... must run in the genes! :)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Introducing my awesome artwork designer

here I would like you to meet Kaitlyn - the very talented artist who designed  all the artwork for my first album 

Random pics - concepts for layers for new album art

 Here are some pics I took that I thought may be good for layering into my new album artwork....

 Although, I most likely won't use them for the album layers now... but i have some new ideas brewing!!

 The sea side and bushland have always fascinated me... probably thanks to my childhood when I spent countless hours wandering off exploring the bush! (Much to my parent's dismay!)

 I find that there is always such a tranquility in locating a secluded place to pass some time in reflection and inhale the aromas of the salt water, a running stream nearby or the native flora

introducing you to some of the awesome people who have been helping me with my new album due out soon!!

This is Bec... Bec kindly did backing vocals for my new album and is an awesomely talented singer and musician in her own right!
Tony - professional flute player & backing vocals & Heejin - Keyboard and synth - taken during a recording session at Trusound Music Studios for my new album

Introducing professional guitarist,music teacher, sound engineer and studio manager at Trusound Music Studios - Dene Burton - busy at the desk during a recording session of my new album

Photo 3: Des - professional guitar & bass player/teacher - recording session for my album - taken at Trusound Music Studios

Photo 4: Andrew "Mitch" - professional drummer - recording drums & percussion for my album - taken at Trusound Music Studios