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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Time for a Rhyme... :-)

Well, I've been playing a game on google+ with some other song writers... a rhyming game... which someone started with a suggested topic, then a short poem... then leaves a topic for the next to follow with a poem and so on... so here's my little poem, to the topic of: good vs evil...

One has peace, love, joy and hope believing for a better day
Yet one is so sad filled with anger, hatred, rage, and malice
They grew up side by side and yet, worlds apart in heart

One gentle, kind, forgiving and understanding
Yet one is so mean, unbending, unyielding
The same blood pulses through their veins - yet relationship is strained

One was cherished, wanted and adored
Yet one was rejected, forsaken, forlorn
Character molded in formative years, eternity of hope or drowned in fears

As trauma leaves its indelible mark
Twists in time and turns in fate
Hearts are broken and choices to make

Forgiveness and love or bitter and hate
Whilst breath fills your being it isn't too late
Settle the struggle once and for all and be at peace in your soul

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